Why I chose Format to rebuild my website.

About 5 years ago, I decided to build a website to present my photographs to
friends.  I used WordPress and Photocraci and was satisfied with the
results.  However, it was never easy to edit so I rarely made additions or
changes to it.  Most of the time it just sat there.  This week, I
decided to make some changes and doing so was just so clunky, I decided to
rebuild the website using a different set of site building tools.  I start
looking at options and met Grace, that is, that is, the Grace theme in
Format.  She persuaded me to try Format.  Using Format, and the Grace
theme it provided, I was able to rebuild my site in two evenings.  This
morning I set my domain to forward to Format.  That process went just as
well as building the site.  Thus it’s up and running now.

Based on the results I can observe, the help files and video tutorials and
the chat help I used for a few minutes, I would recommend Format to anyone
thinking about building or rebuilding a new website.

Using Format