Format Finale

As my previous note indicated, I was very impressed with being able to setup a new website in about 5 hours.  Since then I’ve been trying various themes to tweak its appearance.  This morning I narrowed the field to 2 themes, Grace who introduced me to Format, and Slate.  I was working on this early today and while doing so the chat window popped open and one of the Format staffers, Rachel, asked if she could help me.  She was available for a video chat and screensharing but I was at home and didn’t have a camera or microphone set up.  And, anyway, I had to leave for work. 

When I came home, I went back to work and decided, pending one question, to say good bye to Grace and change to Slate.  I sent my question via the chat window.  Everyone was busy because it was later in the morning but Rachel got to it and answered my question with a video she made and sent to me via email!  And, sorry Grace.  Hello Slate.

Also, I’ve been using the interface between Lightroom and Format and the process is so simple that I can see it will be easy to make changes in my website, literally, in a few minutes.

I already said how very pleased I was with the website I was able to create.  Now I can say I’m equally pleased with the help that the Format staff provides.  I’m going to tell the members of the one Facebook photography group I visit occasionally to look at my website and consider using Format to build their own or, as I did, redo an old one.

Using Format