A Fuji Year

I December last year, I decided to try the new Fuji X-E2.  I’m a sucker for new cameras and lenses and … !!!  But, this camera began a tectonic shift.  I’d always used Nikon DSLR equipment.  But, the X-E2 was smaller and usually provided images that were just as satisfactory as those I got with the Nikons.  When the X-T1 came out, I had to try it.  And, it was even better than the X-E2.  So much better!  The X-T1 is now my main camera and the X-E2, my back up.

I started using the Nikon less and less.  Eventually I decided to sell much of what I had.  This decision came when I photographed a blue jay behind my hospital using the Fuji 55-200mm lens.  I had the Nikon 300mmg f2.8 and knew what it could do.  The photograph with the Fuji was “good enough.”  That began my “great sell off.”  I sold the 300mm and since then have sold about 10 other parts of my Nikon collection. 

I’m still holding on to one Nikon body and some lenses.  I don’t have to severe the connection entirely.  I still enjoy the Nikon 70-180mm Micro zoom and the new 20mm f1.8.  I still have some items to sell but only a few.

With the proceeds from my various sales, I’ve added several more pieces of Fuji equipment including the 100T.  The newest item is the brand new Fuji extension tube I used on the X-T1 to shoot the 100T below.  The 100T is just fun to use.  I could even imagine using it every day to take a photograph.  But, I’m not going to go there.  Not yet!




End of the Year-1

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