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Last year’s project proved to be far more demanding and difficult than I had imagined given my experience in 2012.  But, it proved to be far more rewarding.  In 2012, I thought just shooting and rendering a “thoughtful” photograph everyday was sufficient.  So in 2014 it seemed, “Been there.  Done that.”  I needed something more.  I wasn’t aware of that demand initially but it certainly evolved over the course of the year.  All I did after a few weeks was to make the decision to do only black and white for the first one hundred days.  Somehow I started using square format and then began looking more and more for abstract images.  In the end, I’m satisfied with the results.  Of course, there are photographs I’d be just as happy as not to delete.  But there are a number that please me.  And, Philips Gallery exhibited six of my abstracts!

I’m definitely not going to continue create a daily photograph this year.  But, I know myself well enough to understand I have to set some goals.  If I don’t, I’ll just wander or bounce between various whims and ideas that pop into my head.  A few goals force me to focus my energy.

My idea, right now, is to revisit past photographs.  I’ll look at what I’ve done before and see what I would do if I’d shot it today.  Lurking in the back of my mind is the idea I could do 365 redos over the course of the year.  And, I may do that.  This won’t place the same pressure shooting something every day imposed upon me last year.  And it’s consistent with my goal of learning more about Perfect Photo Suite 9, the new software I’ve just started to use the last month or so.  I’ve been very impressed with it so far.

So, here is my first redux.  The original dates to September 22, 2011.  The new version is processed with Perfect Photo Suite.


Dog and people-2space


Dog and people-1



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