One Hundred Days

On December 22nd, 1979, I did not run at all.  The next time a day passed that I did not run was December 31, 1999.  In between, I ran every day.  In 2012 I decided to attempt to transfer that energy to photography.  With considerable doubts, I began trying to create one “thoughtful” image each day for the entire year.  I was able to do this, but I rapidly realized it was much more difficult than the simple effort of going out and running each day.  Still, I found the imposed discipline made me far more aware of photographic opportunities close at hand.  My “eye” became sharper.  It wasn’t necessary to travel to create some interesting photographs.  There were duds, as expected, but opportunities arose every day.

This year, I decided to try the project once again.  I’m been surprised how it has evolved.  Without any intent, I found myself consistently creating monochromatic images.  As the year has progressed, I also discovered an interest in square format.  I began looking for subjects that would fit within a square.  At the same time, I began to look more often for higher and higher contrast subjects.  Looking through this series something of this evolution may be observed.  April 10th will be the 100th day on 2014.  I will end the sequence of black and white photographs on that day.  On April 11th, I’ll take something in color ending the series at 100 monochromatic images.  From there, I’ll see where I go and whether I’ll be able to achieve my goal.  If anything, I believe the effort so far has resulted in even greater awareness of the world around my home and my work where the majority of my photographs are shot and more new ideas for my work.

I’m uploading my photographs here.  They can be viewed under the Once Daily heading.

Here are a few images that weren’t included.




One Hundred Days a



 One Hundred Days b




One Hundred Days d







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