Fuji v Fuji: What to do?

What next?

My primary camera is my X-T2.  My backup camera is my older X-T1.  But if I’m on my bicycle or just want a camera for easy and immediate access that requires no extra thinking about what lens to use, I’ll be holding my X-100F, and it gets a lot of use.  I love using it and it never lets me down.  I might let it down, but that’s another story.

So, along comes the X-E3.  I wondered if I could afford to upgrade my backup camera with it.  As I thought about it, I started to wonder if I would want to replace my X100F with it also, heretical as that might seem.  I thought I could use the 27mm f2.8 on the E3 and have something close, though how close I don’t know, to the X100F.  Replacing the X-T1 with the X-E3 is an easy choice.  I ordered the E3 and it arrived today.

I’ve put the 27mm pancake on it and did a size comparison.  These photographs show the two cameras side by side.  The differences are obvious though not great.  The E3 is slightly smaller.  But, is that enough to justify giving up the X100F?  No. But I like the idea of having only two cameras rather than three.  That’s meaningful to me.  I don’t use the OVF much at all so I could live without it.  The X100F 23mm lens is sharper than the 27mm.  Whether it’s enough to be meaningful at the practical level remains to be seen.  The X100F 23mm lens is f2 and the 27mm is f2.8.  That’s not too much to worry about.  I could live with the slightly slower lens.  The X100F has a leaf shutter.  I can live easily enough without that.  But, the X100F focuses much closer than the 27mm can.  That is significant to my style of shooting.  I like to get close and I photograph small, sometimes very small, scenes and details.  And, lastly and obviously, the X100F is simpler.  No lenses need to be changed.  Zoom in and out with my feet.  That’s easy.  It’s all a bit easier with the X100F.

Am I ready to simplify by going to just 2 cameras?  Do I want to keep the simplicity of my X100F?  Addressing these two questions about simplification in one direction or another is complicated.  I’ll use both and see what happens.


Fuji v Fuji Fuji v Fuji-2 Fuji v Fuji-3 Fuji v Fuji-4

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